Monthly Update for May 2020

Monthly Update

May 2020

May 2020. A busy and challenging month, also a forward-looking time for The Farm, The Larder Café, The Butchery and Deli.

Though we have to adapt to new ways of working with regards to the general public and working environments, in many ways the rhythms of farming life still go on as much as any year.

Lambing has been and gone, with the lambs now out in the fields growing well. Considering the amount rainfall overwinter the grass is in short supply due to lack of rainfall in April and May. Though sheep always seem to fair better on drier grass.

The cattle went out to pasture in April and are happily grazing the lusher meadow grass.

With the lambing yards emptied, four of our nine sows were brought into the barn to farrow, between them they now have 30 piglets at foot eager to be out and about foraging around come weaning at 8 weeks old.

The Butchery and Deli have been busy during the lockdown and doing well keeping up with supply and demand, of which there was a lot of demand and for most of it a good supply of the stocks we needed. The Larder Café reopened for take-aways at the end of May and hope to have all the staff back over the next couple of months and look forward to planning more events for the future!

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