Supporting Local Businesses

Artists + Crafters

In Buckingham and Surrounding Areas.

Anyone who runs a small business which involves creating something for others to enjoy knows the challenges this can bring. Sometimes long hours for little return and the constant drive to sell the products we produce to be able to carry on doing what we do. But that said, people, knowing what it is to have a passion for making and creating something for others to enjoy, know it can be the most rewarding job you can have.

As our own business has grown over the past few years we want to help where we can in supporting other local makers and creators. We want to do this by sharing the platform we have within the local community and keep supporting each other’s businesses along the way. And hopefully have some fun at the same time!

Here at the Larder Café, Kate has been working hard to build up good relationships with local artist and crafters and hosting weekday craft fairs every few months and look to build on this over the coming years.

Through our website at Manor Farm Bourton, we have given over a page to share links to the local crafters’ and artists’ websites and social media channels. We hope you enjoy looking through and maybe find a gift or two for yourself or someone you know who appreciates the beauty and passion of the handmade.